Company Values

Our values reflect the first principles we embody when creating quality content for our clients. Our business is your business, and we want to share the groundwork which has helped us grow to where we are today.

💯Transparency We are as transparent as a clear glass windowpane, in which you can see everything we do without a filter. We believe in honesty and respect and will always be realistic and communicative about our client's expectations throughout our relationship. Our transparency is our superpower in which we expose our authentic selves to make room for improvement and growth.

😇Accountability We respect each other and our clients with grace and decorum. (Unlike the reversing dump truck without any tyres on. #WhatASadLittleLifeJane.) We hold ourselves accountable for our mistakes and the example we set ourselves. We establish trust through great relationships and collaboration.

⚡️Relentlessness Like the can of energy drink, we’re bursting with a relentless enthusiasm never to settle. We will never say we’re fully formed. We are always proud but never satisfied. We strive for relentless improvement, to always do better the next time than we did the last. Our growth is endless. Our process is unstoppable.

🥇Productivity We believe in getting the right things done well. We strive to win without cutting corners. With meticulous planning and masses of energy, we steady ourselves with the perfect mixture of urgency. We focus on closure without rushing to the finish line.

🔥Passion There’s more passion in us than in a sad romance novel. It’s our internal motivator that fuels our energy. It’s the birth of My Content Pal, and it’s what we look for in all of our employees. We believe in exploring the world we live in, educating ourselves, and taking risks. Our customers are passionate about succeeding. An electric relationship between the customer and us strikes gold and strives for explosive results.