In SEO there are two types of content, you've got “informational” posts which are usually targeting an informational keyword, and then you have “money posts” which target a buying keyword.

In more basic terms, its commercial content designed to bring money to your site by either selling a service or product.

As such, Money Content needs to be high-quality, highly optimised and highly relevant in order to give you the best chance of ranking on Google and convincing a user your items or services are worth buying.

Consequently, unless you have a large team of top writers, you can regularly find yourself losing time and money editing delayed and/or substandard material.

But not with My Content Pal.

From the moment you engage with My Content Pal, you’ll find a slick, professional service that delivers premium bespoke content that really ranks and is delivered promptly. 

We’ll make your business, our business.

So whatever Money Content you need, or even if you don’t know what you need, we’ll help you find what’s best for your affiliate site.

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