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Supporting Content is general website material that doesn’t actively try to rank on SERPs. Rather, its purpose is to build authority, relevance and link to its sister genre, Money Content. 

Why is it important?

When trying to move the needle on an affiliate site, it’s safe to say one of the biggest mistakes new (and old) marketers make is to focus solely on Money Content. The reason? As backwards as it seems, Supporting Content is just as influential as its Money-spinning counterpart in aiding your affiliate site’s overall success. 

Admittedly, on the surface, it sounds counter-intuitive; any reasonable marketer wants to provide top-notch content that’s going to yield business and help them turn a profit. However, dig a little deeper and it soon becomes clear that that is precisely what Supporting Content does.

Think of it like the football player who provides the assisting pass to the goal scorer. Without the assist, there’s no goal. 

Now, as previously mentioned, good supporting content enables you to build authority and relevance. As such, when you do post Money Content, you’ve already accumulated a strong foundation of traffic and trust, and thus a greater potential for financial movement.

Moreover, good, relevant Supporting Content contains links to your Money Content, thus increasing your profitability.

So What’s The Problem

As with all content writing, quality is key and consequentially, entrepreneurs regularly pay over the odds for top content writers to flesh out their site and build authority. However, what if you can’t afford the best? What if you don’t know what content you need? What if your writers consistently produce poor content?

These are all common quandaries for digital marketers, and to persevere with failing strategies and below-par writing is time and money consuming. 

That’s where My Content Pal comes in. 

Why Choose Us?

Here at My Content Pal, we have a team of highly talented and experienced content writers, link builders and marketers who can help you change your fortunes.  

So, if you want to add some Supporting Content to your site or indeed don’t know what Supporting Content you should add to your site, get in touch and we’ll gladly provide industry-leading content at industry-leading prices. 

For we know the price of success should never limit your success. 

We Use Surfer SEO Software

My Content Pal writers utilise Surfer SEO Software to help optimise your content. Through this tool, our writers are able to reflect the words, phrases and content currently trending and being written on the pages of your rival’s sites. 

This is important because, in the eyes of Google, it essentially puts your content on a level pegging and reassures the system that you are an authoritative resource.

Using Surfer’s correlated content as a foundation from which to build your tailored content, our brilliant writers will then use their skill, personality and know-how to weave your style, personality and niche into the text, giving your content an advantage over the rest.

Our Writers Are The Best

As previously stated, our team of writers come from a whole host of literary backgrounds and specialise in content writing across the board. From link building to marketing, humour and more, our niche is your niche.

So you can relax and take comfort in the knowledge that you’ll receive relevant, authoritative, premium content promptly. 

With our affordable prices and complete content coverage, not only will you regain time and money, but peace of mind.

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